At Netflix, we are always exploring ways to make our content look and sound even better. To provide a common reference for prototyping bleeding-edge technologies within entertainment, technology and academic circles without compromising the security of our original and licensed programming, we've developed test titles oriented around documentary, live action, and animation.

Many open source assets are available from each project listed below. Our hope is this will encourage more experimentation, learning, and discovery that will benefit the whole industry. Many of these titles are also streaming on Netflix and are best enjoyed with any HDR configured device with your Premium subscription.

You can download single files directly through your web browser, but for large files and long frame sequences, you may wish to use command line tools. Guidance is included below. Ad Blockers may cause errors in your downloading process, so try turning it off if you have issues.

Our open source content is available under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License.

Sol Levante (2020)

We’ve had great success remastering titles like Knights of Sidonia, Flavours of Youth and Godzilla from SDR to HDR over the last few years. But what if we increase the resolution and create anime with HDR in mind from conception? Working with Japan's Production I.G, we set out to create the first 4K HDR Atmos anime short and discover what would need to change in anime workflows.

Read more about Sol Levante in the Netflix Tech Blog.

Assets Available to Download:

  • HDR10 2020 ST2084 UHD 24fps 1000nit

  • DolbyVision PQ/P3 D65 UHD 24fps IMF

  • Atmos ADM and DAMF files

  • ProTools Final Mix Session and Mastered Session

  • 4K HDR 16bit P3/PQ D65 Dolby Vision 2.9 XML + VDM

  • Animatics, storyboard, selected After Effects projects, PSDs, and TGA in-betweens.

Watch Sol Levante on Netflix

Nocturne (2018)

A live action test piece, Nocturne was shot at 120fps and sought to investigate footage with spatially complex scenes that mimic other professionally generated content to challenge codecs on both the encoding and decoding sides. This piece was also mastered in Dolby Vision and Atmos.

Assets Available to Download:

  • 120fps Video Display Master

  • 60fps Video Display Master

  • ADM WAV File

Watch Nocturne on Netflix

Sparks (2017)

Upon noticing the contrast in dark shadows against the bright sky and sparks from a welder working on a new Netflix building, the encoding team acquired a Sony PMW-F55 and the AXS-R5 RAW recorder to shoot 16-bit RAW SQ and produce Sparks.

Sparks was shot 4K HFR and finished at 4000 nits using ACES. Read more about Sparks on the Netflix Tech Blog.

Assets Available to Download:

  • 4K P3 PQ 4000nits Dolby Vision IMF

  • HDR10 1000nit PQ 2020 image sequence

  • 4K P3/PQ 4000nits EXR

  • 4K P3/PQ 4000nits EXR Dolby Vision metadata

  • ACES 59.94fps image sequence

  • Original Camera Files

Watch Sparks on Netflix

Meridian (2016)

Following the industry shift from “more pixels” to “better pixels,” we produced Meridian, our first test title to tell a story. Meridian was mastered in Dolby Vision high dynamic range (HDR) with a P3-D65 color space and PQ (perceptual quantizer) transfer function. It also contained a Dolby Atmos mix, multiple language tracks, and subtitles. You can read more about Meridian on Variety.

Assets Available to Download:


  • Zipped UHD VDM

  • UHD 4k 5994 HDR P3/PQ (mp4)

  • UHD VDM Image Sequence

  • Dolby Atmos Metadata File

  • Atmos BWAV ADM

  • TIFF Sequence

Watch Meridian on Netflix

Cosmos Laundromat (2016)

We felt a need to include animated content in our test title library, so we partnered with Blender Foundation and Fotokem’s Keep Me Posted to re-grade Cosmos Laundromat, an award-winning short film in Dolby Vision HDR.

Cosmos Laundromat is an Open Movie project created by Blender Studio and directed by Mathieu Auvray. The film was made entirely in Blender, an open source 3D content creation tool.

Assets Available to Download:

  • 2k 24p HDR P3/PQ (mp4)

  • EXR to TIFF Nuke Script File

  • EXR Sequence

Watch Cosmos Laundromat on Netflix

Chimera (2014)

Chimera is technically comparable to El Fuente, but its scenes are more representative of existing titles on Netflix. The dinner scene attempts to recreate a codec-challenging sequence from House of Cards.

Prior to Chimera, there wasn’t any open source 4K test material that exhibited real world live action material.

Assets Available to Download:

  • DCI 4k 2398p HDR P3/PQ

  • DCI 4k 5994p HDR P3/PQ

  • TIFF Sequence: DCI 4k 2398p

  • TIFF Sequence: DCI 4k 5994p

El Fuente (2013)

As the demand for more pixels increased, so did appropriate test content. Documentary short El Fuente was shot in Mexico by a local DP at 4K at both 48 and 59.94 fps to meet increasing resolution and frame rate requirements.

Assets Available to Download:

  • Boat: 4096x2160 60fps 10bit 420 (YUV4Mpeg format)

  • FoodMarket: 4096x2160 60fps 10bit 420 (YUV4Mpeg format)

Downloading Assets

The assets on this page can be browsed on the Netflix OpenContent bucket here:

You can download single files directly through your web browser on each page, but for large files and long frame sequences, you may wish to use command line tools such as aws cli. Instructions are posted on their website. After installation, you should be able to download the public assets. Try running these sample commands. If the download is interrupted, you can run the same command immediately and aws cli will resume the download where it left off.

Download a single file (0.7 kB):

Usage: aws s3 cp --no-sign-request <s3 URI> <local destination>

Example: aws s3 cp --no-sign-request s3:// .

Sync entire directory (1406.1 MB):

Usage: aws s3 sync --no-sign-request <s3 URI> <local destination>

Example: aws s3 sync --no-sign-request s3:// .

The download links on this page will bring you to the root directory for that title's assets. You may need to navigate around to find the folder you want.

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